About DeanDashboard

This site was created for education companies to help them to find more students online.

The platform was created as a natural evolution of the MyEducationPath.com. We got requests from education companies regarding using the MyEducationPath.com platform to communicate with students community. As a result, we create separate web platform DeanDashboard to help education companies to find students using web and social networks.

DeanDashboard is integrated with MyEducationPath.com. Additionally, it has another useful tools for online marketing and sales to use by Education Providers.

This site can be used by online or offline courses providers, training companies, seminars/webinars organisers and more.

Our Services

And again, our aim is to find more students/learners/trainees for your courses/trainings/seminars.


We continue to extend and improve this platform. We will add integration with most popular software used by Education Providers for their work management and marketing.

We will add integration with popular LSM, Student Information Systems, Affiliate Marketing software etc.