Advertise your education/training courses

Dean Dashboard offers effective way to advertise your online courses on many web sites.

You compose one centralised list of courses and then can publish it on many sites. If some changes are needed then change in one place only.

Publishing on

On of central student tools on is the directory of online courses from different providers, including MOOC. Any education provider can publish online/offline courses or trainings in that directory. There are simple steps to achieve this:

  1. Register on this web site.
  2. Add your courses to the listing in the dashboar tool "Courses"
  3. or setup automated importing your courses from an external source
  4. Publish your company in the Providers section on *

* - publishing in the directory is one of our paid services

Publishing on other web sites

When a list of courses is ready then it is very easy to publish it on unlimited course of web sites with minor addition. We have a Wordpress plugin for simple advertising your courses on a wordpress blog. Additionally, we support a html plugin for simple inslusion a list of courses on a ny web site.

Using the API

The API allows to have maximum flaxibility in referrals network building. Manage your courses and partmers in one place (this platform) and display your courses lists on many places in a format you need.

How this can be useful

It can be effective part of your marketing strategy. Manage your courses in one place (on this web platform) and show them on many web sites, your mini sites or web sites of your partners.