Certificates of Course Completion by Education Providers

Dean-Dashboard.com has the feature to generate certificates of course completion by Education Providers and present to students.

Certificates can work for students/learners/trainees etc. For everyone who likes to have some confirmation of work.

A Certificate can be created for a student of a course listed in online courses directory. A student receives a link to his certificate and can download a PDF version to print it on paper. This can be done without having an account on this site.
Also, a student can associate a certificate with his Dean-Dashboard.com account if he registered it. If this is done then a student can share all his certificates on "Certificates Wall". And finally, certificates can be added to "Personal Education Passport" where users of Dean-Dashboard.com keep their education history and can share with unique link.

If you are Education Provider and you are interested to generate certificates of course completion for your students then register an Education Provider account. You can do all tests for free.

Education Provider can issue certificates using Web interface on this site or can use our API (application programming interface) to integrate with their internal eLearning platform to do this automatically.

Value of Digital Certificates

Biggest value is that digital certificate can bring new students to your education/training platform. It is excellent resource of free traffic

A student receives a certificate hosted on MyEducationPath.com and is happy to share it with social networks. His connections will be interested to check what is achievemetn of a friend . Finally, some part student's social connections will visit a corse page and can enroll.

Traditional Certificate VS Certificate Generated with Dean-Dashboard.com

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Key benefits of this feature for an Education Provider

How does it work.

What are certificates generated with MyEdicationPath.com

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